I Shall Ever Cling To You As My Earthly Idol

02 Aug

22 Cliff St, NY
Nov 10, 1898

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My dear Ruthy:

I have just returned from having “put away” one of that sort of meals I sometimes or
rather oft times dispose of when occupying my beloved place at your left — and after a
bicycle ride or a walk up and down long hill. I just want to write you a line or two to tell you
how well and happy I am and to offer my best hopes that you are the same. This has been
a very miserable day — as to weather — and of course you have been compelled to spend
it mostly indoors. I judge tho, from my knowledge of certain things, that your day has not
been without pleasant employment even tho a dry atmosphere and bright sky was not a
contributor. “Our” room perhaps has taken on a pinkish hue or some delicate fabric
through the power of deft fingers has changed from a dream to a reality. That word reality
is a large one, isn’t it? It seems so to me when I think how much it means to have one’s
dreams realized. And this is what is so soon in store for us.

Well, Dearest, I have been thinking how little manliness I display at certain times in
your company and I promised myself and you several times since Wednesday morning
that I’d act differently in future. By this I mean the times when I seem to loose all
consideration for you and everything also and act quite like a baby. All my life, Dearest, I
want all my actions and tendencies toward you to indicate that to me you are the dearest,
purest and most noble girl in all the world. The influence for good that you have had upon
my life dear, has been great and I am by no means what I desire to be yet. To you of
course my faults must be most plain and I shall ever cling to you as my earthly idol to
forgive and help me to be better and better. I would not be nearly so happy now if I did not
feel that one day I shall be to you all I want to be and hope to be. 

Tomorrow will be Friday and next day Saturday — O happy day and we shall once
more renew what has always been so pleasant an acquaintanceship. I will say good night
now Dear and start for Brooklyn, mailing this on the way. How few the many kisses we’ve
had seems when away from each other and not in position to have one, even ever so

I plucked from where you placed it all that remains of the pretty clover blossom you
gave me and send some kisses with it for tomorrow.

Once more good-night, my Dearest Ruthy until Saturday afternoon. My last prayer
tonight will be to God watch between us when absent one from another.

Ever your own


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