Riding Alone Has Lost All Charm for Me

01 Aug

22 Cliff St, NY
Nov 3rd, 1898

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

Dearest Ruthy:

Here it is Thursday evening and I have not had a line from you. It would be all right
only I never know at these times what prevents your writing and I am uneasy as to whether
anything has happened. I hope nothing has and that it is only because you have been
hustled around on innumerable errands and have not had time. How happy I would be
tonight to have you near me just a moment and a chance to look into those eyes I love so
well. Be good to your self Ruthy and don’t try to do too much lots of time.

It is now 5:30 and this is the night I am going to work, but not late. What delightful
weather we’ve had. I hope you’ve been enjoying it and having some good long bike rides.
My wheel still stands unused. Fact of the matter is, Ruth, I’ve had an occasional chance to
take a ride but riding alone has lost all charm to me and I would not get much pleasure out
of it. It would be very different were you with me. If weather is good Saturday will bring the
wheel out where it belongs and where I shall enjoy using it. It may remain unused most of
the winter but when springtime comes, biking will enter actively into our future and we’ll
have lots of fun. So if Saturday is fair and not too cold will have a wheel at Summit and
may be you can meet me on yours. We can have a nice coast home. 

Must close now as I want to get out early and to bed, so with some sweet kisses and
lots of love, will say goodbye until Saturday. Write me if I can do anything for you.

Your own


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