Park Avenue Armory

28 Jul

Iron Clan Manufacturing Co.
22 Cliff St, NY
Oct 18, 1898

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My Dearest Ruthy:

Two long days of this week are over and another holiday is several hours nearer
than when the train carried me away from you Monday morning. Am glad to tell you I am
feeling quite well tonight — rheumatism has departed for parts unknown (hope it stay there)
and barring a slight sleepiness am as good as new. The sleepy feeling comes from having
dissipated a little last night. Worked until about 9:00 o’clock, then went up town to the 7th
Regiment Armory to meet Chester, who roomed with me in Brooklyn over night. I reached
the Armory about ten minutes before drilling ceased and enjoyed very much what little I
saw of the tactics. Of course Chester insisted upon showing me all over the place, even to
the extent of taking a shot at the bull’s eye down in the rifle range. Last of all he took me
up to his company’s room where I was introduced to the Captain, who, by the way is a very
nice fellow, Mr. Underwood, a prominent lawyer in the city. He remembered me from
having seen me in the office of the Fall River Line. He put forth his best endeavors to
interest me in advantages of becoming a member — The one he didn’t mention is that its
members are exempt from active service in the U.S.A. — He said he weighed 116 pounds
when he entered and now 185. All this took time so it was about midnight when I got to

This is about all my history since leaving you. I do not think I will work tomorrow
night and if it is not stormy will go up to the Academy of Music which is about 5 minutes
from where I live and hear some of the machine gang and others speak at a political
meeting. Seth Low, Ben Tracy, Timothy Woodruff and others are going to shout. I have
gone to sleep once over this letter and must close now and hurry to Brooklyn.

I hope you are your well and happy self tonight and that the world has treated you
well since I saw you last. Dearest Ruthy, I think almost constantly of the happy day and
days in store for us. Whenever my wanderings shall cease and we will take up a life of
love and devotion that nothing shall interrupt.

I send you many kisses and much love, my own dearest Ruthy — Goodnight

Your Will

Ruthy — pardon stationary, all I have.

May see you this week before Sat, if not will write again.

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