Happy Ruthy

25 Jul

22 Cliff St
Oct 7, 1898

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My Dearest Ruthy:

I have just reread your letter received this morning and it brought me so near. I wish
to whisper a few words of love to you and send some more kisses; the first will go with this
letter, the latter I’ll have to confirm tomorrow sometime.

Well, Dear, I liked that letter, because there was so much in it to make you happy,
even in the last words — “Your happy Ruthy.”

My whole soul and life goes out to you tonight dear, with the desire to make you the
happiest girl in all the world and thereby secure the best of happiness for myself. On
account of the sad anniversary this is and being away from home and you, I have felt
particularly alone today and O how I long for the day when you, Dearest, will share my
every day life and I shall have the hope inspiring pleasure of looking into those expressive
eyes and sharing story of love and devotion they tell at least twice a day. 

I must part from you, now dear. so far as the closing of this note goes — but my
thoughts shall continue with you and of our happy future.

Goodbye dearest until tomorrow afternoon. If Florence’s visit to you will make it in
any way inconvenient for you to meet me, why don’t come dear. I can go to Murray Hill on
the next train or perhaps come out to you later. So suit your own convenience as yours is
mine always.

Goodnight Dearest Ruthy

Your own


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