Take Me to Ruthy

24 Jul

Iron Clad Manufacturing Co
New York, NY
Oct 6, 1898

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell, New Providence, NJ

My Dearest Ruthy:

I felt very homesick tonight and was seized with an overpowering desire to run out
and see my Ruthy, but upon more sober consideration, I decided it was best not to give
way to any squeamishness, and remain and do the work I have to do.

However I must take time to write you a few lines to send love and kisses together
with best wishes for your welfare and happiness. Have been quite well myself since
leaving you. Have worked nights but managed to get some exercise at the same time; this
by going to Brooklyn for supper and returning to work, which takes about an hour and a
half. This much of the week seemed to have gone quickly enough, and now my leisure
thoughts will be on Saturday and all the pleasures the afternoon will bring. Will you meet
me at the usual train, if convenient? By going back without stop perhaps we’ll have time for
a short wheel ride.

Ruthy, Dearest, I’d give all I have in this world if I could this minute look into those
lovely eyes and have just one kiss. 

You dear, lovely girl, I never know how much I love you until just such times as
these when my whole soul within me seems to be crying out, “Where is Ruthy.” Take me to
Ruthy —

Well, dear, I mustn’t give way to this line of thinking just now, as I want to do some
work — but which I couldn’t tackle without having a few love words with you. Now I can go
ahead more comfortably. If I were only in Summit now, how quickly I’d be with you, My

I will say good night now Ruthy, Dearest, and “good-bye” until Saturday P M when I
trust the weather will be pleasant. This must have been a nice day with you and I hope
you’ve had a bicycle ride or a ramble in the delightful air.

With many kisses and much love, I am

Eternally your


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