It Was My Love for You that Helped Me to Understand Florence

23 Jul
Ruth's close friend Florence, who would soon marry Ruth's brother Bob. They had one child, then Florence died quite young of Tuberculosis.

Ruth’s close friend Florence, who would soon marry Ruth’s brother Bob. They had one child, then Florence died quite young of Tuberculosis.

New Providence, N. J.
Oct 5th, 1898

From: Ruth Barrell
To: William A Gray

My Dear Will: –

I should have written to you before, but for some unexpected things occurring.

Yesterday received a letter from Florence Cronce, the first in several months, and
today Bessie and I took a ride to Bloomingdale and back. I just felt I must drop everything
and go talk with Florence when I received her letter. I have been placed in a very serious
position, and it has troubled me a great deal. I always gave much thought and prayer to
those go between letters I was forced to write, but this time my whole heart and soul made
one answer, telling me not to write but to go in person and go I did; and I am glad I went.

Oh so glad. My heart aches for that dear sweet girl I have always loved so much, no home,
no one where she lives to sympathize and advise and a weakening, depressing sickness
to battle with.

She is much better in health now, and I hope may soon be entirely well. O, how I
surprised her, and how we clung together for some minutes, then we talked for a half hour
or so and I had to leave. But I looked in her face and I heard her voice Will, and I know
love, and I gave her her request, Bob’s present address, and we parted happy. I expect
her to spend this coming Sunday with me so we can have a more perfect understanding of
all the past, today was so short. Poor girlie she will find it hard indeed to come, but I am
sure we will all make it easy when she comes by being just as of old. Will, I tell you all this
as it is ever to you I turn to share all my heart’s joy. It was my love for you that helped me
to understand Florence. 

Will, I know the time until our wedding day will just rush around to me, between our
visit to Orange County, Florence, and a promised “bike ride” with Adele Cazin some time
this month and — greatest of all my fixings. I think I’ll find my hands full. O, Will, I have
planned lots of pretty things for that day. We’ll talk some more about it at the first
opportunity. I have quite decided on most things if they please you, and all that remains is
for fate to roll the time around as fast as possible and fix you so you can make it possible.
O, won’t we be happy.

It is after ten and as I was up at 5:30 this morning, and been through much today, I
am too tired and sleepy to be interesting to you. So I’ll cuddle up to you in fancy and say
goodnight and go to sleep.

Your happy Ruthy

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