Good Times to Come

22 Jul


Iron Clad Manufacturing Co
New York, NY
Sept 30, 1898

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell, New Providence, NJ

My Dearest Ruthy:

Your very nice fat letter reached me this morning and I am very happy to know that
everything with you has been “lovely” since I parted with you Wednesday morning. Am
glad to tell you I have been well and happy too and for the past few days things have been
going very smoothly. Your letter Ruthy, savors of “good times” to come and am anxious to
know what part I may take in the interesting things you are about to commence. Would like
to write you lots on this subject but it is now 10:30 and will be after eleven when I get to
bed, so will have to wait until tomorrow when I’ll be with you, once more.

I’m wondering, Ruthy, whether it would be convenient for you to meet me at Summit
tomorrow afternoon at 4:18, the time for arrival of the mail train. I can fix things so as to get
away at that time and those Saturday afternoon rides from the station always were sources
of the greatest pleasure to me. If you can Ruth and the weather is nice, please come and I
promise to repay you with as many kisses as you may ask. 

Well Ruthy, it is only the extreme lateness of the hour that saves you tonight for I
feel like writing what would take up page after page of silly trash. Tomorrow is — will be —
Saturday, I visch dot evry day vos Satturdeigh, and Ruthy, my Dearest love I will say good
bye until then.

With much love, I am

Ever Your



I received that odd looking fern all the way from Mauch Chunt, and for reasons
purely my own fault, did not get it until several days late.

It is before me now on my desk. What an odd looking fern it is with its delicate wavy
lines running through the middle of each leaf and upon closer inspection showing tiny dots
all over its surface.

Good night Pet


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