We Will Meet and Share All Our Joys and Sorrows Hand in Hand

21 Jul

New Providence, N. J.
Sept 13, 1898

From: Ruth Barrell
To: William A Gray

My own dear Will:

It has seemed strange not to have you near me these past two days. Those
vacation days were more to me than I realized at the time.

Sept 14th

You know what happened here? Such a sweet evening I spent with you yesterday,
Will. I have been dreaming of it all day long. O for those days when I may spend every
evening with my Will.

I found my piece of honeysuckel on the floor between the two chairs we occupied
last evening. It is lying on the table beside me now, still so sweet, but very much mussed
up, too much so to send you kisses by, but I’ll try and find a fresh bit in the morning.

What I was going to say about it was that it was a sweet reminder to me of next
June, our next June. There will be lots of it then, Dear, honeysuckel roses.

I hope you have lost all that tired feeling by this time and I hope you are not working
late this evening. It is enough to keep those brown eyes busy all the day long without
adding night hours.

What a neat little envelope is that you have for your catalogue. I did not appreciate
it fully until I saw it in the day light. 

George Myrick came out again tonight. He heard from Katie today. Her father is a
little better since reaching home though he may pass away at any time if he has one of
those attacks of heart tremble. How much sickness and trouble there is in this world. You
and I have so much to be thankful for, life and health and a wealth of love for each other. I
suppose we will have our share of trouble and sorrow and age and death must come but
we will meet and share all our joys and sorrows hand in hand.

Ethel looks and feels much better today. I hope she will soon be just as well as she
was a year ago, soon. If it will rain a little and improve the roads we will enjoy some “bike
rides” as she says. I haven’t been out to day on mine. The first opportunity I get I’ll take it
to Summit and have that valve fixed.

This is busy weather preserving fruit and vegetables. Next week I hope to begin
straightening the house up by easy stages so as to get in walks and bicycle rides on fine
days, as a stimulant to my appetite. Don’t you think I need to. Joe ought to be home by
next week too, then we must have some excursions in his honor.

Now Will, I will send you some goodnight kisses and close this time, as I haven’t
been doing anything interesting enough to write about today.

O, Will, I love you more with each day that comes. That love brightens all my way,
your love to me is all my foundation for the future years.

Good night my Will

From your

Sept 15th

I overslept this morning. Haven’t time to hunt up the honeysuckel so I send kisses in
your name, my Will.


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