A Trip with Chester and Walter

19 Jul


New York, NY
Sept 6, 1898

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My Dearest Ruthy:

We are now in Chester’s office — for the 2nd time, but he has not yet returned, (as I
write this he comes in). It is 1:30 and we will soon start for the steamer. How pleasant and
cool was the ride I had with you this morning, but now it is hotter — or I am hotter than I
have been any time during this hot spell.

What I wanted to say especially is that I got a bottle of Scotts and David will bring it
out home tonight. Perhaps — now that Bob has to go to school, he will not be able to take it
to you until tomorrow P M, and if it doesn’t reach you before this does and Ethel is out, you
might drive over when out to the station. I feel lonesome already — away from my Pet, but
time will go. Friday will come and I will be back with you dear, ready for the crowning event
of our vacation — the trip around Staten Island. 

Be a good girl to yourself and look out for sneaking colds and turn them away.
Good bye, my Love until Friday — with many kisses from

Your Loving


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