Finished the Princess Ware Catalog

17 Jul

New York, NY
Aug 9, 1898

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My Dearest Ruthy:

It is now about 5:30 P M and will take a few minutes before going to supper to send
you love and well wishes. This has been your extra busy day and you are doubtless tired
at this time. I hope you have been well since I left you, and able to do your share in
disposing of the “good” things. Go to bed early and get the sleep which will make all the
tasks that come before you, “easy.” I am good at giving advice but a poor one to practice
what I preach. Got interested last night in our Princess Ware catalog, which I finished up,
by the way, and discovered it was 11:30 when retiring. Will do something in reparation
tonight by going to bed early, for I shall not attempt any long job. Left your ring with the
jeweler before coming here Monday morning. Upon looking it over, he said the only way to
properly fix it would be to put a new head on the setting — that is the part which holds the
stone and that the work could not be completed before Wednesday noon. I will call for it
tomorrow and send it to you, if ready. It has been your closest companion for over a year
and I can imagine how much you miss it. 

I hope Ethel’s fever went, not to return Sunday, and that she’ll pick up steadily from
now on. Kindly give her my well wishes.

Well Dearest, as vacation draws near, I commence to spend spare moments in
thinking of the good times we’ll have — at home and abroad. If you can’t get away some
days, I’ll enjoy the quiet life of being near you, helping you perhaps, or, becoming a
nuisance, go off fishing or paddling in the old boat on the river.

Have nothing new to tell you and being in the tiresome office where it is only
possible to evolve in one’s mind business schemes that are entirely at odds with anything
like sentimentality, I’d best close for this time.

My mind is full of my love tho, now, and the Great Noble girl my Ruthy is, but that’s
always there, and is an old story to you.
Be good to your dear self, Ruth, and accept my own best love and some kisses
upon your name where I wrote it last.

Ever your own silly, Will

Enclose you a cut showing what our new catalog will look like. There will be 33
different articles all pictured like this. Perhaps you might like a sample shipment of these. I
might suggest that you limit your order to 120 gross of this article.


P S. I didn’t say good night to you, so do so here. Don’t write if more important
things must be done. Am at your service for anything I can do. Good night, Dear.


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