The Sand Man Has Sneaked In on Me

16 Jul

New York, NY
Aug 4, 1898

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My Dearest Ruthy:

There is yet a few minutes until ten o’clock which I will — if you’ll permit — devote to a little
love talk with you. If I run past ten a little you’ll forgive me won’t you? It’s a very hot night and I
doubt if I could sleep, tired as I am. I did not work later than six tonight, for I was just about used
up from the awful heat and rush of the day. Had supper eaten at seven and then started up town.

This being Thursday and thinking of you and New Providence, I wondered if you would get to
prayer meeting. The idea of attending myself seemed a pleasant one so I stopped at the
Metropolitan Temple. They were holding a sort of vesper service, with a responsive exercise,
which I enclose. You will notice the responsive part is all about the life of Moses and the leader
spoke about 10 minutes on this subject. The verses for singing were all fitted with familiar tunes,
and I was able to let myself out in this, and as the audience was small and scattered and the room
a larger one, made quite a noise. It did me good Ruthy, lifted my mind away from this noisy,
crowded city and led me to sacred places, where I found you by my side. The meeting ended
about nine and I then came here.

There is no picture more sweet to me than the conditions attending the stroll we took down
to the bridge Sunday eve after C E Service. That little memory I have often feasted upon since
with inexpressible pleasure. 

Your expected letter reached me late this afternoon. Mailed in New York after having been
carried around by someone for a while, perhaps. So long as it reached me I’ll not complain. I thank
you very much for writing me when so tired and sleepy.

Did your doctor just discover Ethel had a slight attack of pneumonia, or did he know it from
the first, purposely withholding the information.

I’m glad she’s on the mend and that she has no further use for pills. I don’t know as I want
them either.

I wish I could have been with you this morning, my own Ruthy, to love and understand you.
Your motives are so pure and transparent, I don’t know how anybody can fail to appreciate just
what you mean by every word and act. I know I do. I’ll be glad when the day comes when I can
see you every morning and with an embrace of love and a kiss, each happily take up the tasks
before us. Real life for me I know will not commence until then.

I do dislike to think of your having so much work to do. Eat lots, and sleep lots while you
have to do it, Dear. Don’t combat sleepiness in order to write me. Go to bed and get your required
rest. I’ll try not to expect letters from you these times.

The sand man has sneaked in on me and I’ll have to give in.

You will get this tomorrow sometime after 6 P M. Less than twenty four hours from then I’ll
be with you if all goes well. Will try to get the same train as last Saturday.

I hope your mother feels well again. Give my best wishes to Ethel and tell her she may
“Look Out” for some “Out Look” stories Saturday or Sunday.

Too sleepy to wright (or spell) so best quit.

My Dearest, Truest Ruthy, good night until Saturday. I send you very much love and kisses
a score —

Ever your


I send you the second kiss laden messenger — As they came to me with kisses first, are
very precious and I can only let you have them until they fulfill their mission.

Yours as ever

Will good night Pet.

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