The Same Old Monotonous Routine

15 Jul

New York, NY
Aug 3, 1898

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My Dear Ruthy:

Life since I left you Monday morning has been the same old monotonous routine,
absolutely devoid of any thing interesting enough to write about. One thing new, I might
mention is that I have decided to wait one week longer for vacation and take the last week
of this month and the first one of September. This will be from the 22nd of Aug until after
Labor Day.

This awful weather still continues and is so depressing. I have little energy for work,
at night especially. Left here about 9:30 last night and walked up to the Post Office with
some mail, then took a 3rd Ave open car to 14th St, and was so warm I went into Dennets
and had some ice cream. It was 10:10 when I got to bed and a few minutes after 7:00
when I got out, so you see I had a pretty fair nights rest. Every night when leaving here, I
take a little pail with what ice remains in the cooler and have a cold drink, just before going
to bed. 

Well, Dearest, how has it been with you since we parted at West Summit? Lots of
work, as usual, I presume. Like me, in the morning, buoyant and happy; in the evening
tired and lonesome.

I hope Ethel has gained that other point and is now without fever. Write and tell me
if there is any particular delicacy she would like, not easily obtainable at home.

I have nothing but love and well wishes to send you tonight, with, of course, lots of
kisses too, these on the messenger you will find enclosed.

I must not take any more time now, so will bid you good night. Will try to find time to
write you again before I see you Saturday next. Take good care of your Dear Self and
accept best love and well wishes of your own


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