The Only Sunshine that Shone on My Pathway

11 Jul

New York, NY
July 22, 1898

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My dearest Ruthy:

Here it is Friday night and I haven’t had a moment I could call my own in which to
write you this week. It is now 11:30 P M and I have just arrived here and this is I might say
early, compared with other nights just past.

I received your very nice letter yesterday morning and just glanced at it contents
until evening, when I read it over again. It was Ruth, the only sunshine that shone on my
pathway this week.

My eyes are so heavy I can scarcely keep them open and I must close with sending
you a whole weeks love and kisses correspondingly. Will have to work tomorrow afternoon
and I expect will reach home so late and battered up that I’ll be good for nothing except to
fall into bed. 

It is hard, Ruth, this struggle against my inclinations but I must be brave while there
is necessity for it. Wouldn’t care if I had but time to write you, as I should like to, but even
this privilege is cut off.

I hope Ethel is all well before this and that you are as usual — well and happy.

With much love and kisses for my Ruthy until next I see you, I am

As ever yours


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