Sweet Kisses for My Will

09 Jul

New Providence, NJ
June 14th, 1898

From: Ruth Barrell
To: William A Gray

My Dearest Will:

Ah! How nicely the 1st turned into the 14th.

O, how I have been wishing this evening that I could see you, as I did last week. It
does seem so long since 6:52 A.M. yesterday.

I have been so very busy these last two days that this has been my first real
opportunity to talk to my Will.

I have managed to run over to your home these last two days, but I have not helped
with Lillie’s dress as much as I wished to because I could not spare the time from home,
now that Bessie is away.

This month has certainly flown away, or rather 14 days of it. If the rest of ’98 goes
as rapidly our springtime of ’99 will be here before we realize it. 

I hope you are not working yourself sick and thin these warm days. Don’t do it, just
take things easy.

We have not heard from the girls at Albany yet, expect we will by the mornings mail.

This room is half full of bug millers, mosquitoes and a lot of other things and they
keep flying in my face, biting me and everything, so between these animals and a worn out
pen, I am laboring under difficulties. I really can’t think of anything new or interesting to
write about.

Just saw a joke in a paper lying on the table, wonder if you have seen it:

“Customer — If you ever send me another piece of meat like the last one I’ll take away my
business. Butcher — What’s the matter with it? Customer — Why it was so tough that when
it was cooked I couldn’t get my fork even into the gravy.” Dreadful joke.

O, Will, I am very well tonight but tired and sleepy, and too warm to write a nice
letter. So if you will forgive me for this stuff I have written, I’ll go to bed with a last sweet
thought of my Will before I go to sleep. Will find a sweet flower to kiss for you before I mail
this in the morning.

Every one has gone to bed and I must follow.

Will, I want to kiss you goodnight so, but I cannot, only in fancy.

With much love from

Your Ruthy

Wednesday 9:25 A.M.

Just a note to my love before I go for the mail. I was too tired to sleep well last night,
so today I am going to try and finish my work in the early afternoon if possible and take a
nice bath and perhaps a nap so I’ll feel more like tackling tomorrow’s work. If only had
more time to call my own, I’d write you a nice letter, perhaps I’ll try again. Sweet kisses for
my Will.


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