If Fullness of Love Will Make You Well, You Have It From Me

08 Jul

New Providence, N. J.
May unknown, 1898

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My Dear Ruth:

I am very sorry you are not well to-day and it give me pain to think I may be the
cause. O Ruth, if fullness of love will make you well, you have it from me.
Cheer up, be perfectly happy and then if your physical ailments do not go, you will
at least feel better.

Can’t you come down and lie on the sofa so I can read to you or do something to
atone for treating the one I so dearly love, so harshly.

From now on Ruth, you shall only see my happier moods and I shall try to be more
and more considerate of you until my actions are more in harmony with the great love I
have for you. 

Ever your own


Second Letter

My own dearest Ruth:

I have just finished the least interesting meal ever eaten in your house and the first
one from which you were absent.

Isn’t there anything I can do to make you feel better.

Perhaps, Ruth, your condition is such that you will be better to take a good rest and
that dressing and coming down to see me will only hinder your getting well quickly. Would
it not be better for me to relieve you of my presence for this afternoon. I can make this
sacrifice if it will help you to get well sooner.

This is a very beautiful day. There is an excess of wind but, it is agreeable, being a
genuine May breeze and not a March one. I walked on New Providence Avenue and saw
many pretty dandylion beds and one especially just in front of Brad Jones. I had it in mind
to call your attention to it in returning from church, but I did not find you there.

I haven’t studied much S. S. Lesson yet, and shall take it up soon.


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