Perhaps You’ll Think Me Unwise and Extravagant

06 Jul

Summit, NJ
May 25, 1898

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My dear Ruthy:

I have a few minutes before train time in which I want to send you love and best
wishes for your health, etc. This miserable weather still keeps up and I presume Abe has
not yet had a chance to do any farming. I thought last night we’d awake upon a sunny
morning today, but alas, such is not the case.

Well, Dearest, I think I’ve made up all that lost sleep of Sat and Sunday evening
and more too, Monday and Tues, but I guess I’ll have more to make up after the next few
days for I expect to work nights the rest of this week except Saturday, and perhaps that,
because we are nearing the end of the month and there are some things that must be
done. Well, no more time for shop talk.

Dearest, perhaps you’ll think me unwise and extravagant when I tell you I bought a
Humber bicycle. Joined Wanamakers Club and got one (Continental) for Lillie also. But
dearest, it will be my only extravagance this summer and we’ll save more than the money’s
worth of fun this summer. 

My Dear, noble Ruthy, I must say good bye, for now I go. Am very well and able for
anything this morning and hope the weather will all have cleared away by Saturday and we
can have a good old time.

Be good to your Dear self and accept my best love and Ruthy, some kisses on your

Lovingly yours


Later on train

Apple blossoms all gone, lilacs withering, nothing left to send.
Hurrah, the sky is clearing at last.
Three days and I’ll be with you for a nice long holiday of play and rest.


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