My Dear Will

04 Jul
Rev and Mrs Hooper

Rev and Mrs Hooper

New Providence, N. J.
May 16, 1898

From: Ruth Barrell
To: William A Gray

My dear Will:

Another rainy day. I am going to bed early tonight and hope when I wake tomorrow
to find it clear once more. It’s a wonder everybody isn’t sick. I haven’t felt quite like myself
this afternoon. Think it is only this weather, so much damp, heavy air to breathe. Be careful
not to get cold, more cold I mean, Dear, and get all the sleep possible. You will need extra
strength to battle with all your work and this horrid weather too.

I wanted to tell you that if tomorrow is anyway clear we, Bessie and I, are going to
Brooklyn returning the next day and doing our shopping on the way. If it still rains we will
put off our trip until a fair day comes.

Had some more silks given me today, one piece was a piece of my Mother’s
wedding dress. The others were some pieces of necktie. Harry Saxes I think, real pretty

O, I forgot to tell you a message Mrs Hooper gave me Saturday. It seems she didn’t
know Hessie was at West Summit until Saturday and she said she was so sorry for she
and Mr Hooper would have called on her. She asked me if I would tell her if I saw her or
tell you to tell her. I told her Hessie and Chester would be here a little yet so perhaps they
(Mr and Mrs Hooper) may find time to call. So if you see Hessie before I do you might
deliver Mrs Hoopers message. 

Wish you were here to drink some of the nice fresh milk Abe just brought in, three
pails full. Our pails are pretty well worn out too. Guess we’d need a new one soon.

O, how I miss you today, Will. We had such a good time yesterday in spite of the
weather. We always are happy when together. O, to think of only a little more than 11
months from now. Eleven seems quite small and brings the time nearer. I hope you will
have all the good success you deserve in the mean time, for your sake as well as my own.
I liked that sweet thought we parted with last night; and I am going to think it again
tonight, Will, and every other night too.

It is pouring hard again, at 6:30 P. M. and I hope you are safe in doors. Well,
supper is most ready and I ought to help, so I will say good night to my own dear Will. I
kissed your name.

Lovingly your

Tuesday morning

We’re going. Guess its going to be a fine day. I enclose a sweet fresh piece of
sweet brier with a nice fresh kiss for you, dear.

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One response to “My Dear Will

  1. fromthecurve

    July 5, 2013 at 4:49 pm

    Thank you for sharing these letters and photos!


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