Letters from Ruth

03 Jul

New Providence, NJ
May 12th, 1898

From: Ruth Barrell
To: William A Gray

My Dear Will: –

I wrote Bob a nice long letter this morning and I just finished one to Ethel, so I am
not neglecting any one by writing to my Will. And I am enjoying it all the more for the fact
that I don’t believe you are expecting it.

One reason that urged me to write was to tell you that in my pleasure in seeing you,
and interest in our own flag I entirely forgot to mention yours. If you want one, I want you to
let me make it and Bessie to. I shall enjoy making it for you as I ever enjoy doing anything
for my dear precious Will. And then it will not half repay you for that beautiful pole you
brought out, and lots of other things you are always so kindly doing for us all. I don’t ever
thank you half enough either.

Well we tried the flag this morning, and the breeze took it out so only the starry side
showed while we looked at it. It did look fine. Our American flag is certainly the prettiest
flag in all the world. We had some work to do that could not be put off so we have not yet
quite all the stars on yet. But we’ll have it floating tomorrow if all goes well. And you’ll
surely see it floating on the breeze on Saturday. 

We have been having a very heavy shower to lay the dust, but it is clearing up
again. The birds are singing as though they enjoyed it very much. Bessie and I saw two
dear little humming birds in the cherry tree this afternoon.

I did quite a lot of work today but I am not one bit tired tonight or sleepy either. I
only hope you are feeling as well. It is now about 6:30 P.M. and I hope you are on your
way home to supper and rest. I shall think of you at nine o’clock, Dear.

I petted that dear little kitten today. It is the cutest fattest little ball of fur you ever
saw. We’ll surely have to keep it or find some other home for it.

I think I can surely meet you on Saturday at Summit as usual, 4:18 P.M., but if you
don’t see me you’ll know it was not my fault, and I expect you later from Murray Hill.

I’ll try and get up early enough to mail this in the morning so you’ll get it tomorrow
noon, and I’ll pick a sweet bit of sweet briar and give it the sweetest kiss I have for my own
dear Will. Supper is ready and they wait for me so I’ll close.

With much love from
your Ruthy

May 13th.
Will see you tomorrow, Love.
Good morning. “Have you used pear soap?” Bessie and I are going to Summit this
morning so I will mail this then. RB.

P.S. I dropped some stamps in the rain the other day and all the stick washed off
them. The one on this envelope is one of them and I unfortunately put some dirty old
mucilage on it. I’ll never do it any more. Mother says it looks as though I had been chewing
licorite and then moistened the stamp with my lips. (But didn’t.) It is 9:20 and you have
been to bed 20 minutes. I must join you in slumberland.

Good night. Ruth.

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