Those Bright Eyes that Shine for Me

02 Jul

Summit, NJ
May 10, 1898

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My Dearest Ruthy:

I missed the six o’clock train tonight and didn’t reach home until a few minutes of
eight, which makes it a little late now, with supper eaten, to write you a nice long letter
before bed time.

I just took some of Scotts, the first since I left you Monday morning. You know I had
it in my bag which I took with me to the city and not caring to carry it to the office and back,
checked it to Summit again at Barclay St. I stopped off in the evening to get it but found the
room closed, tonight had better success. I guess I don’t need the stuff very badly anyhow,
ceasing night work, getting lots of sleep, etc, etc, nature will work out her own cure and
make me fat when the reaction sets in. Imagine me, Ruthy, weighing some 200 odd
pounds, capable of nothing but sitting around, eating, sleeping and laughing.

Well, Dearest, how are you tonight? Well and Happy, I hope.

Perhaps, Ruthy, Dearest, I will leave a few minutes earlier tomorrow, get the 5:40
train and go direct from the station to you. It is very hard, Ruth, to be here, so near you
every night and still not be permitted to see you throughout the long week. When in the
City, separation from you was more easily bearable, for I had little or no leisure for
lonesome thoughts and then the miles between us permitted no alternative but be content
with the condition. Now, Dear, it is different. Having a little time after supper, I have the old
time longing to spend it by your side. Will hope to see you then, Ruth, tomorrow, if all goes
well. Some of my work is behind, but I have ceased to worry about it and am going to take
things easy hereafter. 

Since I left you last, May has been doing something to redeem itself. Although the
gentle south wind blows tonight, it is by no means a summer one, but after last week, we’ll
be content with any weather which includes sunshine.

I presume your flag is completed ere this and is floating proudly in the breeze? I
didn’t buy any stuff for ours yet. Don’t know now whether I shall. I don’t quite like the idea of
imposing upon your kindness to the extent of making one for me, just because you are a
good friend of mine. However may change my mind, provided your offer remains good.

To be bright tomorrow must stop and go to bed now, Dearest. O, to be with you just
long enough tonight for a short look into those bright eyes, that shine for me, and a single
sweet kiss. Will be very near you tho until sleep conquers thought.

Will get some sweet blossoms tomorrow to carry some sweet fresh kisses to you.
Good night my own sweet Dearest Ruthy.

With much love and hoping to be with you this time tomorrow, I am,

Lovingly yours

Wm A Gray

The clock is just striking ten and will be in bed in ten minutes. Good night.


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