Uncle Sam is to Blame

30 Jun

New Providence, NJ
May 3, 1898

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My Dearest Ruth:

This is the first letter to you in May 1898, also the first from home in a good long
time. I am now seated at the old table in the “kitchen,” about which most of the family is
gathered and I feel as comfortable and happy as tho I was in the library of the Waldorf –
Astoria, only ten times more so. Like you too, I have just finished my share in cleaning
away the supper things, and it is this privilege that helps, perhaps, to make home the
comfortable informal place it is.

No holiday tomorrow, Dear, so a little longer wait for that good time we might have.
Perhaps we’ll close of half a day, but even that is not probable. If we do of course you’ll
see me sometime in the afternoon. If I don’t turn up, of course you will know there was no
holiday at all. Uncle Sam is to blame for our not having one for when he commenced this
fuss with Spain, the City abandoned the idea of having a Charter Day Celebration. 

Had a letter from Ethel today, thanking me for the papers sent her, also giving an
interesting description of some of her associations in Albany, from which I take it that there
is some diversion in Normal school life and not all work. She spoke of you as being
negligent to her in a way that you are not to me, your being so generous with me in that
direction, perhaps, being the reason.

I won’t write you a long letter now, so I can get a good nights sleep, and if tomorrow
evening’s weather will only let us, I will run over and see you for just one look and a kiss,
that’s all? Maybe a duet and a song too.

Dearest Love, I have lots of kisses for you tonight and always, Dear, I feel you near
me now, Right down deep in my heart I find you, there to be always.

Good night Dearest Ruthy.

From your loving


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