Consoling Thoughts

27 Jun

22 Cliff St, NY
April 13, 1898

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My own Dearest Ruthy:

I have just finished reading your letter of this morning’s mail a second time, and now
that all the work of the day is ended, want to devote a few genuine communicative
moments with you before going to rest. First of all Ruthy, I wish to send my best wishes
that your throat is all well and that you are now free from all traces of cold and headache,
which made Sunday so disagreeable for my Pet. No Dear, there was nothing but the
sweetest truest purity in those kisses you gave me last, and tonight finds me – barring a
natural sleepiness – as well as I have been in some time. O that I could have some of
those kisses tonight, (real ones), Dear, how I would appreciate them.

I hope to hear from you again, telling me you are all well once more and that your
usual appetite has returned. These last two must have been glorious days in the country
and I hope you have been able to enjoy them, Ruthy. Dearest, one of the most consoling
thoughts I have during this pent-up career of mine is the fact that you can enjoy the
freedom of the country and its pure healthful pastimes. A single moment’s cessation of the
daily routine carries my thoughts and me to your side, and moments spent in this way I find
are quite refreshing. 

I enclose you a sample of Cuban flag. You can make one complete flag of this by
cutting in two, turning in the edges and sewing together. If it will not answer the purpose, I
can bring you a large one very easily.

Dearest, I have so much of love I want to say tonight, but it is late and besides I
guess I have told you it all.

Perhaps I can wait until Saturday, and when close to each other, whisper it to you
instead. Now, Dear, if your cold is not all gone and there is a single thing I can bring you to
help it go, please, Love, let me know what it may be. I know, Dear, you like to please me,
so let me have your commission and the pleasure of executing it.

If Saturday is bright, I will work so as to get away at 3:20 as on last, and I will be
very glad to have you meet me at Summit. Don’t come if not convenient, and I will go to
Murray Hill on the quarter to five. Will say good night to you Ruthy, Dearest of all, and
once again I send my sincerest hopes that this will find you well and happy. Your picture is
before me and has received for you several kisses. Be good to yourself Ruthy, and with my
well wishes, please accept my fullest and very best love.

From your Will

Ruthy, Please excuse faults of this letter. Improvised desk and being myself half
asleep accounts for them all. I will take this downstairs and mail it, and then go to bed as
fast as possible.

Good night, Dearest Ruthy,


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