Sorry Our Old House Is No More

20 Jun

New York, NY
March 17, 1898

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My own dearest Ruthy:

It is late and I am sleepy but I felt I must send you a few words of love tonight, even,
at the expense of some trouble to keep my eyes open. Your letter of yesterday I found
where you left it and I thank you for the deep pleasure it furnished me.

Am very sorry our old house is no more and for the people who were so summarily
summoned to depart. Coupled with that old place were some of the dearest memories
cherished up in my heart and mind and in passing and looking in upon the place these
things used often to recur.

It was very fortunate that the people got out alive. 

Well Ruthy, Dearest, another week in our lives is drawing to a close and never it
seems has one passed so quickly. I guess it is because I haven’t had time to consider on
any day what day of the week it was, or even time to think. As to what is left of the week, I
have more to do than I can possibly attend to. I should have worked tonight and will
probably suffer for not having done so, but I was tired of it and just dropped everything and
came home.

Dearest Love I am longing for an opportunity to spend some happy hours with you. I
hope I may be able to see you on Saturday but I’m very much afraid I cannot do so without
leaving things undone and having to pay for it later.

However dear, will come to you as soon as I can and all my thinking moments shall
be turned to that event which will furnish me the sweet reparation for all the lonesome
weeks away from you.

I wish too Ruthy I had time to write you a nice long letter with some of this tiresome
personal strain eliminated.

I hope you are enjoying this fine weather on your wheel, for yourself and me.

Must say goodnight Dearest and go to bed. Still use your charm with as good effect
as circumstances will afford. That is I sleep soundly every hour I get a chance.

Now Dearest I come very near you, clasp you in my arms and exchange some of
those dear sweet kisses of which I have so many for you. Good-night my own true Pet and
God bless and keep you always in perfect peace and happiness.

With much love, and kind regards to all the family I am yours as ever,


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