It Is Your Love that Makes It Easy

19 Jun

New York, NY
March 15, 1898

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My Dearest Ruthy:

I received your dear letter this P M, in which you told me so much of what has
occupied your time since I left you yesterday morning. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy
your tracing every interesting detail of your life during the days we are apart. If I cannot be
with you in person, the privilege of being with you in spirit shall always be one very much
enjoyed by me.

It is now some time past nine and I am just in the midst of lots of work, but I don’t
intend to do any more today. Am not going home, but will secure a bunk somewhere which
I can enter about ten, and secure a good nights rest which I could not get by going home,
i.e., arriving at New Providence at midnight and getting out at 6:20. Am feeling quite well
and don’t want you to worry about my hurting myself. Will be glad of course when this night
work is done with, but it seems I must do it now or get out.

This is very nice weather indeed and any remindful reference to it and the country
are somewhat painful to me now, having so little chance to enjoy it. You can be out in it
and tell me about it and that will satisfy me just now. 

I have worn the Mack ring most of the time since you placed it where it now is, and
while it hasn’t materially increased my luck it hasn’t brought any ill fortune. As a charm for
inducing sleep it works very nicely and shall give it a third trial very soon.

My Dearest Love, how I wish I could have you sitting near me now. I am thinking of
a night last weekend when one of the men downstairs had some night work to do. He lives
in Brooklyn and went home to supper and returned, his wife accompanying him. They have
been married but a few months, he got a new roll top desk that day of which he felt very
proud, and I presume his sweet heart came to see it and keep him company also, (misery
loves company).

I do wish we lived in or near New York, for it goes hard with me to have to shift
around in strange places, But I find lots of encouragement in knowing it won’t last very
long and I will soon be able to go home regularly as of old.

It is 9:45 and I must stop and seek my couch.

Dearest Ruthy, it is your love that makes it easy for me to endure these long busy
days, and our future is what will keep lonesomeness from me tonight and occupy my
thoughts until sleep shall come either to shut them out or increase their clearness and
happiness into a perfect picture of delight.

Pardon this sentimentality and accept my best love and kisses.

As ever yours


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