My Whole Self Misses You Today

17 Jun

Church Offering

New Providence, N. J.
March 6, 1898

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My Dearest Ruth:

Here I am in the dear old sitting room, where the most delightful moments of my life
have been passed, but today with its sweet atmosphere there is connected a strange sort
of lonesomeness for me. The piano is here, closed until I opened it, so is the organ,
pictures and roses are on the piano top, together with numerous little things, all of which
seem especially solemn and as tho they were calling out for the companionship of one
who is not here and whom they miss sorely.

Ruthy, this is a grand day and one I’m sure came specially to contribute to the
enjoyment of your holiday. I hope you had or are having a good time and that this fine
weather will surround your home coming. Enjoyed very much my walk to church and down

Worked last night until 6:00 o’clock, had a personal errand to attend to and just
missed the 7:30 train. Had to wait in Hoboken several minutes, which time I filled in filling
in. I thought too of my proximity to you, with only about 10 minutes walk separating us.

For church contributions this morning I used an old envelope dated way back in
August ‘96. I thank you for your thoughtfulness in leaving one out for me, and to that is
partly due my writing you now, for I didn’t want this envelope to remain unused, so will put
this note in it. 

Ruthy, Dearest, my selfish self, my whole self misses you today. O, so much. Am
going to S S and from there home where I will remain for what is left of the day. With love
and kisses.


Will play and sing to you tonight (your picture).


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