I Must Be Patient Until Saturday

14 Jun

Summit, N. J.
Feb 16, 1898

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My own Dearest Ruth:

I came home on the 6:00 o’clock tonight and intended after supper to have hitched
up old “Billy” and to have spent a happy hour with you, but, all the people in the house said
I would be crazy to go out on a night like this, and tho reluctant to give up a trip I had set
my mind upon, decided you might think me crazy too, so will have to forgo the pleasure I
anticipated and be content to write you a few lines instead.

How the old wind does blow and how cold it is growing. Seems we are going to be
made to pay for some of the nice days we have been having lately.

I moved entirely out of my old position today and a new man has been installed.
Because of having fastened my calendar to the desk, I was compelled to leave it after me
when moving out, so will no longer be able to tear off “dead” days simultaneously with you. 

Have been kept quite busy with my new work, being hindered somewhat by
numerous interruptions in which I had to instruct the new man regarding his duties. Bought
a new Remington typewriter for the company today. They couldn’t secure it for less than
$100.00. I managed to save them $10.00 by getting one for $90.00.

Ruthy, my love, how are you tonight? Well, I hope.

Since writing the above I have been asleep — and in this condition, I can’t think of
the nice things I want to write about, so had best close and hurry to bed.

If I can’t see you tomorrow evening, Dearest, will write you about Saturday. Am not
sure that I can get away at 3:20 on that day. If I can’t will go to Murray Hill & New
Providence on the 3:50.

Now Love, I wish to send you for tonight, my very best love and a good night kiss. I
did so want to see you tonight, Dear; three days of separation seems so long now a days;
but I must be patient until Saturday.

Hope you have heard again favorably from Ethel. I am commencing to be of the
opinion that all Normal Schools are alike, using Trenton as a standard.

If you have time to write me again this week, Dear, I think I will get the letter more
promptly if you direct it to 22 Cliff St.

Hoping you are enjoying a full measure of all Gods blessings I am, with love and

Ever Your


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