Promotion at Work

13 Jun

Summit, NJ
Feb 8, 1898

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My dear Ruth:

The habit is growing upon me and it seems I must write you whenever the
opportunity offers. Must shave and attend to some other duties in preparation for an early
start tomorrow, for I hope when evening comes to make you a call if all goes well.

Having worn one coat to rags almost, I took another to the office today. A certain
pocket of that coat bulged exceedingly and upon investigation, I found it contained the

2 Spools
1 Straw hat lining
1 Rooster’s feather
1 Handkerchief marked Barrell
2 Stumps of pencils

and some miscellaneous bits of trash impossible to specify. Whence came all these
strange things? Can you enlighten me? Perhaps you’ll say I know as well as you, when I
tell you I carefully replaced all those apparently valueless articles just as tho they were
each of solid gold. I‘ll admit Ruthy, I well remember the hand responsible for the contents
of that pocket, and to me each one of those insignificant things forms a link of the delightful
memories of the past, I so love to look back upon. 

Have not yet entered upon my new work, as I expected Monday I told my employer
twice he’d best advertise at once and secure someone in my place, but he’s slower to act
than water in the Klondike, and I told Mr Kinney, my future boss, the best way to make him
move would be for me to start in at the other work, then he might awake to the necessity of
having my old place filled.

Paid a visit to my old friends “The Fall River Line,” today. Always receive quite a
welcome there. They have made the move they contemplated doing before I left, only a
few days ago. They are now at foot of Warren instead of Murray St, in brand new offices.

They are quite grand too. Upon the walls of the various rooms, I guess you’ll find a picture
of most every steam craft of any importance, afloat. Mr Taylor, the G P A’s office is
especially finely adorned. Most of the steamboat and steamship pictures are magnificent
oil paintings, and he has a great many scenes of pretty places along different rail and
water routes, enlarged from photos. The room has a waines cotting about 3 ½ feet high
and on top of this all around the room is arranged, each in an individual oak frame cabinet,
photographs of all the officials of the Old Colony and New Haven Systems. Some day
when we go to Boston over the line, I shall take you thro these offices, for the pictures
certainly are a treat in their way.

Time has arrived when I must stop and do what I have to and then to my couch. Will
mail this at Summit tomorrow and shall expect about 9 or 10 hours after your receipt of it to
be with you myself.

For tonight, I send you kisses and also much love.
Good night, my own Dearest Ruthy,

With best wishes, I am As ever yours


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