What a Great Good Girl You Are

10 Jun

Jan 31

New York, NY
Feb 2, 1898

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My Dear Ruth:

Before starting the machinery of the day, I wish to write you a few lines to
acknowledge receipt of your dear letter of yesterday and all its remindful enclosures.

Wanted to write you last night and would have, but 6 o’clock from N Y was several
minutes late and with supper over and tonsorial duties attended to found it to be close to
10:00 o’clock with poor me too sleepy to do anything but tumble into bed. I would not have
gotten your letter, had I not gotten off at Summit myself for that reason. I enjoyed reading it
first in the R R station, while waiting for the next train and twice before retiring.

For several minutes before going to bed, I was comfortably seated in a rocker, with
eyes closed and very near to you Dear, thinking what a great good girl you are and how
very fortunate I am to enjoy the love of one so noble. 

Without being caused the least trouble, it will give me great pleasure to secure the
foot wear your mother desires, and which I shall bring the next time I visit you.

Hope Graham and Helen accept your invitation and that it will be my privilege to be
on hand for the occasion also. I told Mack one time that there were only two things that are
more fun than he and I had in mind at that time these two children.

Sleighing now ought to be very fine, straw rides especially so with the moon we
shall have for some days to come.

My busy days will be tomorrow, Friday and Saturday, so can’t make any
engagements with the certainty that they can be filled.

Will see you, Ruthy, Dearest, Friday if possible, Saturday surely.

Until then much love,

Ever yours


Is this cold enough for you, the weather, I mean? I know it is just the kind you like.
Same as Sunday only a little more so.


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