Something Else To Throw At Each Other Besides Corn

09 Jun

Summit, NJ
Jan 31, 1898

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My Dear Ruthy:

In writing the date above, I am reminded this is the last opportunity this month I shall
have of writing you, as tomorrow will dawn Feb 1st and what a task you’ll have tearing all
the calendar off.

Don’t suppose you’ll expect a letter from me so early in the week and really didn’t
expect to write, but remembered your mother wanted an Ontario and Western timetable. I
secured one and was going to address it to her from the office, when I bethought myself
that it would be a good opportunity to squeeze in a line to you, so I put your name on the
envelope instead, and left it open for these few lines which I write tonight.

Nothing new has occurred since I left you this A M. All that happened might be
expressed by the words, snow, snow, snow. 

Might have spent five or more additional happy minutes with you this morning rather
than waiting at West Summit that length of time. I reached there about 7:30 and the train
was some minutes late. Was glad afterwards not to have brought you out altho the
sacrifice was great, for I did miss you. I cannot say how much. It will be lots of fun, on nice
bright mornings to enjoy a ride with you to the station, but on days like this I should prefer
to think of you comfortably indoors, not having to go out, on any account.

Happening that way, I dropped in on Tom Myrick’s office and learned that he is not
getting well very rapidly. His address is % Norwood Lodge, should any of you wish to write.

I feel a little upset tonight having had a mean headache all afternoon, so wish to
retire early and be rid of it by tomorrow, if possible. What I ate at dinner time did not seem
to go right and from the first mouthful seemed bent on opposition to the usual order of
things. Will be OK tomorrow.

Now Ruthy, my own Dearest Love, I must bid you good night. O, how my heart, my
love, my all does go out to you at this time when all is quiet and peaceful and I can be
alone and also near you, Dear.

Ruth, Dearest, I cannot tell you more of how I love you except in the form of
repetition and yet I see that I want to tell you these things, even tho the story has gotten to
be an old one.

Will write again, Dear, in a few days and will endeavor to see you Friday, altho I’m
not sure I can do so. It will depend upon how early in the week I get the work that has to be
gotten out!

Let me know in what way I can help you, or if there is anything you want me to do.
Take good care of yourself and accept my best love.

As always your


If the snow lasts we’ll have something else to throw at each other besides corn, next
time we feed chickens, won’t we? Hey?


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