Payroll Day

08 Jun

22 Cliff St
New York, NY
Jan 28, 1898

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My Dear Ruth:

How do you do this crisp fresh morning? I am very well and felt like running all the
way from the ferry. As I feel this morning, I’m sure I could jump 800 feet in the air up near

I have lots to do today and ought now to be at it, but first want to send you love
and best wishes for the day and all time.

Didn’t see you at the Waldorf – Astoria last night. Ought to have been there. My fat employer was
there so don’t expect to see him very early this morning, as he will be another case of
“Too much banquet,” I guess.

The chill of the morning is still in my hands and I can’t write very well, only scrawl.

Am wondering if you do write to me today (nine o’clock; had to stop here to tear off yesterday from my calendar) whether I will get the letter.  Will try and stop off myself and make sure, for I might get off at Murray Hill tomorrow and you in Bohoken.

This is payroll day and in consequence I go to the bank for $6000.00 and have to ride back in a cab. Some diversion anyhow.

The thought just occurs to me that if you do go a visiting to Hoboken, you won’t be home to receive this, but I’ll take the chances and let it go anyway.

Will have to stop so goodbye until _______?

With much love, I am

As Ever Yours,

Wm. A Gray

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