It Seemed I Must Have Had Wings

02 Jun

Summit, NJ
Jan 6, 1898

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My dear Ruthy:

This has been another long day for me and after taking tea (without the tea) I find it
close to 9 o’clock. If it has been a long day, considering the number of hours, it seemed to
go very quickly and here I am, not tired, a bit sleepy, but comfortable enough to enjoy a
few very dear moments in writing you, before going to the rest that I will indulge in so
satisfactorily tonight. Your letter awaited me and have read and reread it with much
pleasure. I am sorry you should worry about our fall last evening, and that my assurances
that I was none the worse for it did not bring you any ease. Truly Ruth, I didn’t feel it at all
today and only hope you have gotten off so luckily. That was a delightful skate we had and
wouldn’t have missed it for a good deal and the weather tonight makes me gladder still that
we embraced, what might be our last opportunity for a skate for some time to come, altho I
hope cold weather will return before all the ice disappears. Coming home last night it
seemed I must have had wings, for it seemed no time at all until I was at the lower bridge
and walking home. 

My dearest Ruth, whenever we are up late, it is with me the fault is, and you are
only the victim. I so love you and love to be with you, that some how I can’t muster the
force of will power to leave you, so there you are. Please Ruth do not blame yourself for
what are palpably my faults, if there are any faults at all.

I would like to write you a nice long letter now, but to night is a sleepy one and must
be used for that purpose as I have to make an early start tomorrow. Now Ruthy, dearest of
all, I send you many kisses and more love than words possess power to express. My
thoughts turn to-night to how much I want to do for you Ruthy, and how much I want to
become to be worthy of the pure full love of so noble a girl as you, and I can only become
as I want to be by being more and more in your company and sharing your thoughts and

If all goes right, less than 48 hours will bring us together once more and then comes
one of those delightful holidays, of which I have become so fond.

I think I can come on the 3:20 Saturday and if the weather is such that will premit, I
should be quite happy to have a ride home with you. Will not expect you unless the day is
entirely healthful, as above all things I want you not to get any more colds.

Good night Dearest and for a last kiss I shall go back to last night and think of that
one upon which we parted.

Good night Love, and may you ever be kept in perfect health and happiness.

Ever Yours

Wm A. Gray

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