Since Gardie Was Taken From Her

31 May
Ruth's brother, Bob

Ruth’s brother, Bob

Summit, N. J.
Dec 31, 1897

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My own Dearest Ruth:

This paper is not very large, but sufficiently so for my purpose in writing to-night, for
if I am to see you to-morrow I must be prepared for quite a stay, and for the necessary
preparation tonight is all I have.

I truly hope by tonight your cold is entirely a thing of the past and that you are
feeling very well.

What I want specially to say is that Dave couldn’t make the 5:40 last night, but came
out on the 6:00 with a very large package of timetables and miscellaneous railroad
literature and I find it here to-night. It is a mixed up lot and will need some sorting and
weeding out. The problem is how to get it to your home. Walter tells me our rolling stock is
somewhat out of gear, horse and all, so I thought I would write you on the morning mail
and that perhaps Bob could come over and get the package. This I suggest, knowing
Ethel’s stay is short, and her desire to accumulate as much of this stuff as possible before
returning to Albany. If it weren’t quite a bulky package, I would take it out with me in the
evening, but there is too much of it for that. If Robert can drive over it will be ready for him. 

Ruth's sister, Ethel

Ruth’s sister, Ethel

When I left here Wednesday morning mama was not at all well, her cough bothering
her considerably, and suffering from a pain in the back. I find tonight that she isn’t any
better, having been confined upstairs since Wednesday. She is not sick however, and with
quiet and rest will soon be better. Walter says the pain is in the muscles and probably
caused by overwork or some heavy lift and only rest will take it away. Poor mother doesn’t
seem to get any pleasure out of this life at all, much less since Gardie was taken from her.
She often talks as though she was anxiously waiting to be taken to him. It makes me very
sad too, to find that I am powerless to help her. There seems to be nothing I can do.

My Dearest Ruthy, how my love does go out to you, and how happy I am to have in view so true and noble a girl
for a life companion as you. My best happiness will be when I can in some way repay you for what you have already done for me and what you will do for me every day of my life.

Good-night Ruthy, until tomorrow and O what a delightful holiday we shall have together.

Be very good to your self and kindly accept best wishes and eternal love of



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