Off In Dreamland Tonight

30 May

Dreamland Tonight

Summit, NJ
Dec 29, 1897

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My Dearest Ruthy:

Supper over, some water pumped and now for a restful little talk with you. I hope
and am led to feel that your cold is much better today, for I noticed it seemed to trouble
you less Sunday afternoon. I will be very glad to hear that it is all gone.

I didn’t hurry home yesterday, for besides having something to carry (a precious
load), I was reluctant to separate myself from you. When I went to get this paper, I took my
pretty handkerchief case from the drawer in which I had placed it and spent some time in
silent admiration of not its beauty alone but my sweet Ruthy’s sweet personality in its every
pretty tuck and fold. I could almost see your deft fingers working in and out and watch the
development of the dainty embroidery. Along with this I could picture too myself near you
and reading aloud while you worked. All this seemed so clear and realistic that I would not
have interrupted so soon, but to write to you and tell you how silly I am. Yes Ruthy, in that
Christmas present I have an excellent portrait of you, nothing lacking but your actual facial
likeness, and my mind adds that. 

Well Dearest, if I am to see you Wednesday, I’d better confine this note to what has
already been written.

Once more I hope your cold is much better and that before the week is gone you will
be back to your good health of two weeks ago.

Write me Pet if there is anything I can do for you, Dear, and make me happier for
being able to do some little favor for you.

Am sleepy, so will kiss you goodnight and retire Pet, with thoughts of the pleasure
Wednesday will bring when I can be with my Dearest once more.

Lovingly yours

Wm A Gray

This is a poor excuse for a letter Ruth, but I am off in dreamland tonight where all
the thoughts are copyrighted and
cannot be easily put down.

Take good care of Ruth:
Good night Dear,

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