I Often Wish I Could Be As Strong As Hercules

28 May

Summit, NJ
Dec 20, 1897

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My Dearest Ruth:

It is now a few minutes past eight and I must, before retiring, send you the good
night kisses I would have given you had I remained with you. Besides as this is Sunday
evening, my thoughts are of course more than most any other time upon you and writing
these few lines will bring me as near you as is possible without actually being at your side.

It is too lonesome a time for me just now as unusual it is to be away from you on this night
as it is the one in seven we have always depended upon for each others company. I’m
sorry it had to be so tonight for I love to be with you at the evening meetings and without
having accompanied you to Christian Endeavor Service I feel that my entire duty now
toward you has not been completed for the day. 

I often wish I could be as strong as Hercules and ferogf(sp) against most every ill.
Then nothing would prevent my remaining with you up to the last minute, then running
home, and be just as well for it. But such wishes are only useless and such thoughts are
time wasted, so I’d best change the subject.

I’d get rid of a cold more quickly if I could have you near to remind me to take
medicine. This thought originates in the fact that I should have taken it sometime ago and
doubtless would have, had I been near you.

Well my Dearest, now for Christmas and its festivities. From now on we’ll begin to
estimate how much Santa Claus is going to enrich us. Visions of bicycles, pianos, etc.
Hey? “Blessed is he who expects nothing for he can’t be disappointed.” is an old proverb
and a very good one to bear in mind about this time. I always was a strong believer in
Santa Claus and Christmas gaiety and shall always try to make it such, as far as I can. I
hope we can have some skating for Saturday. This sport, on a holiday, always serves to
impress a remembrance of the day upon ones mind, as did the New Year’s Day of some
years ago, upon which we had such a good time skating all day long.
Well I must say goodnight, send you more kisses and love and put my name to this
note, and with you still in my mind, go upstairs and to bed, only to give you up when the
unconsciousness of sleep slips on me.

Good night Ruth; with the assurance that God will keep my Ruth in perfect peace
and health. I am



Will take advantage of a mail box I saw Friday on the Summit depot when the train
stops there tomorrow. Will drop this letter and you will receive it A.M.

Will write you later about Friday.


Excuse this paper discarded by Lillie. All I could find. Will secure a new supply this


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