My Thoughts At Times Like This Travel Far into the Future

27 May
1925, Brooklyn

Future Will, as President of Gray Envelope Company, 1925.

(Two letters from this day….)

Dec 13, 1897

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My Dear Ruth:

I am going to steal some of the company’s time and stationery, also the use of their
typewriter, while I write you a few hasty lines. I have a lot to do, so must not take long.

Tell Bessie Christian Hahn, whose list she gave me this morning, has been dead for
several years and has no successor. I found one taxidermist in that locality who kept
artificial eyes, but he was so stiff in the price that I told him to keep them. I went to a
couple of other places, and not finding them in the last, asked if they knew of where I could
get them, and was directed to Demuth Brothers, 89 Walker street, where I got some, but
whether they will do, so far as the color is concerned, I don’t know. They told me the yellow
ones were correct for most owls, but thinking they ought to be darker, I took some brown
ones as well. Not knowing anything about it myself, and being confronted by a box full of
all the colors in the rainbow and a few more besides, it was a rather difficult problem to
solve. I sent them to Bessie by this mail, and if they are not right in color, tell her to
describe to you the exact color and you can let me know what it is, and I will secure the
proper ones and exchange the others. 

The writing of these few lines gives me a desire to write you lots, and about
something else besides birds eyes, but I must get to work now, and postpone sending you
a nice letter until I get home and can think nice things, which will be either tonight or
tomorrow night.

Hoping you are the same well, happy Ruth I kissed goodbye this morning, I remain,

As ever yours

Wm A Gray


Dec 13, 1897

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

Dearest Ruth:

I am just going to take time to send you a goodnight kiss and then to bed. I didn’t
find a letter from you tonight, nor did I fully expect one, knowing this to be your busy day.
But I know I will get one tomorrow and will thank you in advance for it. I will be very glad to
have your letter tomorrow for I know that day will prove very disinteresting without it. I have
about forty letters to write and more work besides than I can do in one day, so I anticipate
being rather weary when night comes and very glad to have, at least, the mental repose
afforded by one of your dear loving letters.

As I sit here Ruth, I am thinking of nothing but what a great noble good girl, my Ruth
is, and how much fun I am going to enjoy in striving to repay her for her goodness to me.
The more I can do, the greater will be my pleasure, and so it will go all through our lives,
which however how long will only be too short, as it would be both human and excusable
for us to wish to prolong eternally our delightful companionship which has already

And so my thoughts at times like this travel far into the future and to tell you all the
details would take pages and more time than you would permit me to use for this purpose

Good night my Darling Ruth and a sweet kiss for you now and another when you
receive this. With much love, I am



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