Hours In Your Company Would Be As Minutes

25 May

Summit, NJ
Dec 7, 1897

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My own Dearest, Ruth:

I owe you a hundred apologies for not having written you before this and the only
reason I can offer for not having done so is the almost constant rush I have been in since
Monday morning, which seems to have been like one long day interrupted by a couple of
intervals of sleep only.

Ruth, my Dear, sympathetic Love, I am better thanks, got up at 5:20 A.M. Monday
morning feeling still a little tired but without aches of any kinds and cold seemingly much

I came home last night feeling assured of a letter from you awaiting me. Something
told me you had written, and when I found nobody had called for the evening mail, retired
feeling very much lost without having received what you intended for me last evening.

So Ruth, your two letters came to me today and O how grateful I am to you for them.
I am always at a loss, on occasions like this, for words to express all I feel in return for
your thoughtfulness and love for me. Is there anything you can do for me, you ask. My
Own, don’t you do more than anybody else in the world could do by just loving me as you
do? I ask no more and can never repay you by all I can do in return. My life long, O, if I
could but be with you tonight, to thank and kiss you for all your goodness to me. My walk
home Sunday night was a very lonesome one to me and seemingly so much longer than
usual. Each step seemed to take me farther from my Love, by whose side I love to linger,
more perhaps at times when I am not just well, displaying the human weakness of wanting
the caresses of the one I love best. I am afraid, Ruth, were I with you tonight it would be
very late before I could give you up, for I know the time would go its fastest and as I feel,
hours in your company would be as minutes.  

Tomorrow is Wednesday, mid-week and fair night and if I feel as well as I do
tonight, I am going to see you not only as my Ruthy, but, as the fair haired Saxon in her
booth, doing a rushing business. I want to buy you, Ruth, the prettiest article to be had,
and want you to make the selection and mark it sold if there is any danger of its going
before I get there. If you will have, at your table a lunch of some kind, you can dispose of it
at regular rates to me when I arrive and not finding you at the Chapel, will go to your home.

I don’t know how I can get away from the office but will try to manage it, being
entitled to some time off for having worked early and late for several days past.
Am not going down with Mr. Budd tomorrow, but will have to get up early enough to
shave, which I should do tonight, but am too lazy.

So Ruth, my own Dearest, expecting to see you in less than 24 hours, I will say
goodnight. Sending you many kisses, which I shall hope to confirm in person very soon.
God bless you and keep my Ruthy for all time will be my last prayer tonight.

Ever yours,


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