What Great Big Silly Children We Are

21 May
Ruth presenting the turkey many years later- Thanksgiving, 1931

Ruth presenting the turkey many years later- Thanksgiving, 1931

Summit, NJ
Nov 23, 1897

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My Dear Ruth:

I read your two notes, ate supper and I note that it is 3 minutes of nine by the
cuckoo clock. Through carelessness in getting away from the office promptly, missed the
6:00 train, got the 6:10 to Summit, and walked home. I tell you there is no resemblance to
Indian summer in this night. I had to rub my ears and almost run all the way home to keep
from freezing.

My Dearest Ruth, I seem to make myself more of a worry to you than anything else.
I think one of the last things I told you Monday was that I am not the one to consider all the
trouble I give you and your family in my frequent visits to you, for I am too humanly prone
to overlook all the impositions, in my single desire to be near you. Ruth Dear, I didn’t think
of any such thing as your thinking I spend too much time with you. I never think such
things of you. In connection with you, I think of nothing but that you are the purest noblest
loveliest of girls, and that the best I can do for you and the most I can love you, will never
be quite enough to make me feel that you are receiving all you deserve. I love you with all
my heart now, and perhaps what I mean in loving you more is that time when I shall have a
chance, by acts, to show my love.

Ruth, when I think of last Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning and how happy I
was with you, what a delightful picture comes to my mind of our future, when being with
you always cannot be questioned.  

I wasn’t so busy yesterday, but I had lots of time to think of you, and with gratitude
along with my love, when, after finishing my days work, I comfortably disposed of that
apple you so kindly gave me. What great big silly children we are: my thoughts still revert
to Sunday afternoon. Didn’t it seem very happy then Ruth?

Well, about tomorrow, Ruth: There are some duties I have to perform in order to be
fit for your company Thursday which shall require attending to Wednesday evening as I
shall have no other time, and it now being too late to attend to tonight. So Ruth, Dear, will
stroll over your way quite early Thanksgiving morning if the weather permits and will be
ready for anything, silly or otherwise.

Your family will be one less when this reaches you. I hope your mother will have a
very pleasant visit, which, is of course assured. I hope too she will find Ethel well, and
return home feeling more at ease concerning Ethel’s ability to take care of herself and her

I hope you did not hurt that lame shoulder washing. Why don’t you make Bob
exercise the washing machine. It certainly is easy compared with riding up that Millburn
Hill on a bicycle.

Take good care of your Dear self, and if you have time, look to your skates, for who
knows what a day may bring forth in the way of ice.

Now Dearest, I must say goodbye until Thursday and goodnight for just now. Accept
my best thanks for your kind letter, with kisses in part payment, and the best of love


Wm. A Gray

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