All in Anticipation of A Very Pleasant Afternoon With My Love

20 May

New York
Nov 13, 1897

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My Dearest Ruth:

It is now 9:30 and not long since supper, for work detained me in the city so that I
didn’t get home until 7:50.

Well Ruth, I didn’t get your letter until tonight and very glad I was to have such a
very pleasant terminus of a long day.

Must go down on the 6:20 tomorrow in order to enjoy a ride with you in the
afternoon, and if through any possibility I am not on the mail train, will be on the next, but
by going down early and hustling I think there won’t be any danger of my missing the 4:20.

Would very much like to write you a nice long letter, but must shave and do some
other things before going to bed, all in anticipation of a very pleasant afternoon with my
love tomorrow. 

There is an error someplace, Ruth. The joke is that I didn’t pay for the vase you bid
on, although it was the place to have done so and I would have had I been financially
qualified. But no, Ruth, I paid for only what was knocked down to me, viz: our sugar cream,
beer, etc set, and the roses, itemized at 85 cents, which is all I gave. So, Dear girl, you are
accusing me of exhibiting a more generous spirit than I possessed.

No, I haven’t monkeyed anymore with quantities unknown to me. We at the office
were quite amused in watching the man fix the lights next morning. He seemed to think it
necessary to furnish everything new and fix lights that weren’t affected by our mischief at
all. I haven’t seen any bill yet but I guess it run away up.

I shall count the minutes now until tomorrow afternoon, but I don’t want you to meet
me unless the weather is such that you will enjoy the trip.

Got you a nice pair of shoes today which I will bring up tomorrow.

With many goodnight kisses, and much love. I am

Ever yours


This is printer’s ink.


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