Have Not Been Able to Collect My thoughts

14 May

Summit, NJ
Oct 13, 1897

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My Dear Ruth:

It is now nearly 9:00 o’clock and I have just finished my evening meal, having had to
work a little later than usual today.

I found the letter which you so kindly left here on Monday and Ruth dear, I cannot
tell you how much comfort I found in your loving and sympathetic words.

There was much you said that I would like to have written about had I an
opportunity, but Ruth, I have been so very busy that I could not take a single minute of
office hours for writing and to do so at night was impossible, as I have not been able to
collect my thoughts sufficiently to do anything but go to bed. 

So Ruth Dear, I will not attempt to write you as I would like to now, but postpone
what I wish to say for a time when I can write you understandably or until I see you.

Have gone down on the 6:20 train in order to catch up and will travel on it tomorrow
and if I can get some definite shape on my work, will return on the 5:40 to West Summit. If
the weather is rainy will go home but if clear don’t go to meet me as I am now well and
quite able to walk 15 minutes at a stretch.

Upon looking up my stationery, I find the paper gone and only envelopes left, so
you will excuse this, as it is the best I could find.

I thank you again for your letter of Monday and send you my best love and a kiss

With very best wishes for your health, I am

as ever your


P.S. Please don’t take the trouble to meet me tomorrow, Ruth. I feel tonight
physically able to run twice the distance, and won’t mind walking at all.


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