A Supernatural Intuition of All My Needs

13 May

Summit, NJ
Oct 4, 1897

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

Dearest Ruth:

Your letter was handed me upon reaching home tonight and even tho I was with you
as late as this A.M. was very glad to have something which at least brought me very near
you. Ruth, you seem to have a sort of supernatural intuition of all my needs. Just the times
when I most want a letter from you, I always have it.

I reached the Doctor’s office about 8:40, only to find that he left his home about
7:00 A.M. on some emergency call and I was informed would not be back until evening.
What an unfortunate destiny mine seems to be shaping to. However, I will try him again
and the third time certainly ought to land the fish (excuse slang). I’m afraid I cannot try to
see him tomorrow, for I have already been very late at the office two successive mornings
and I really can’t take another this week, work has piled up so that I can’t seem to make
any headway in getting through it, and I either have to close my books at the end of the
month, or give up and let them get someone else to do it. Am determined to see the Doctor
tho, and will take the very first opportunity to do so.  

Am quite happy tonight Ruth, for today I missed the chill, and I assure you I didn’t
miss it. This statement seems to be paradoxical, but it is not the less true. I felt quite some
like myself today and my only suffering was from the heat. Imagine poor me, dressing up
for midwinter on this hot autumn day.

The kettles I did not bring home tonight, thinking I would go to your home direct
from the train Saturday, and take them with me then. I don’t think it will be a very early one,
probably the quarter to five at Murray Hill. Don’t let this deter you from calling, Ruth. You
will always find someone here glad to see you.

Am getting very sleepy and can’t think of things to write.

I have been asleep since writing the last sentence, and it seems useless to try to
prevent my eyes from stealing closed, so will have to close.

Ate a big supper tonight, which quite reminded me of old times, and as usual, forgot
to take my medicine until it was over.

Take as much of this weather’s air as you can, Ruth, and always be an example of
perfect health, for me to follow.

With a kiss goodnight, I am

Forever yours.


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