I Had Another of Those Attacks Today

10 May

Summit, NJ
Sept 14, 1897

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

Dear Ruth:

Let me first ask your pardon for writing you with pencil, but know already you will
freely grant it. I cannot hope to make of this what might be termed a letter, so perhaps a
pencil is proper in this case. You know this pencil; it is very short and thin and lodges in
your pocket. I can’t write very well with it, but I’m afraid just now I’d do worse with ink, and
although I have handier pencils, this being a familiar one to you, I thought you would more
easily excuse its use. This is a lot of nothing by way of introduction Ruth, and now to the
purpose of the effort. I had another of those attacks today similar to Sunday’s and came
home on the 4:30 train from NY and would have found you here, I am told, had I gone to
West Summit and walked over. Father was with me and he thought it best not to do any
walking so I got off in Summit and waited for Mr. Budd. I’m sorry we were so near each
other and didn’t meet and I thank you ever so much for coming over. I don’t like to write
much about myself, especially in this strain, so will get through and go to bed. I am under
the advice of Dr. Gray, and have taken his remedy now and must take more before
retiring. He advises that I keep out of night air for awhile, take lots of sleep and eat good
plain food and I shall be all right. It will be best Ruth, for me not to go out tomorrow
evening, as I must get rid of this, and quickly, for your sake, dear and my own. I want to
work tomorrow as I go away next week anyhow and must give all my attention to getting
through and well for the holiday. I will not go down tomorrow unless it is safe to do so, and
if you receive this on the morning train, it will indicate that I am feeling well enough to go to
New York, mailing this at Summit. Write me, Ruth, if you will please, as I shall want to hear
from you when things prevent me from seeing you. I will write you again tomorrow, Pet,
and tell you how I am, which I am sure will be much better than now.

Take good care of yourself, Ruth, and accept my best love.

Pardon this last note, will be better tomorrow.


Will try to furnish more respectable stationery tomorrow, Ruth

Good night


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