So Long As It Receives Your Hearty Approval

08 May

1897 sept letter

Iron Clad Manufacturing Co
22 Cliff St, NY
Sept 7, 1897

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

Dearest Ruth:

Without much effort, I managed to make connections with the 6:20 train at N. P. this
morning and had the pleasure of accompanying your sisters to the Day Line boat, where I
left them comfortably seated at 8:05. What a glorious day they have for the trip. Do you
know, Ruth, I rather envied those I saw on that boat this morning; everything was so
attractive, it was very reluctantly I tore myself away.

Suppose Ethel secures a room that will in case of emergency accommodate two.

Suppose next week fair and balmy, wouldn’t it be fun to use a couple of days in going to
Albany and return. The sail, on a nice day, is certainly one of the finest the world affords.
The scenery is magnificent and withal, I can find nothing in my mind to compare with it,
except an occasional vision of our future steam yacht. We could go up one day, you stay
with Ethel while I bunk a room in a hotel, and return next day, or if it were worth while,
remain in Albany a day and sail for NY the next. Now, Ruth, this is merely a suggestion,
which seemed to me plausible, and to be treated by you just as you please. Don’t think I
have set my heart upon making this trip, for there are a thousand and one things we can
do next week, anyone of which will afford pleasure to me, so long as it receives your
hearty approval. 

I will see you, Dear, tomorrow (Wednesday) night if all goes well, and in the meantime
accept my best wishes for your health and perfect happiness.

As ever yours,


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