Not Iron Clad Kisses

06 May

1897 letter july

Summit, NJ
July 27, 1897

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My own Dear Ruth:

I did not get home early tonight, it being a little later than usual – 7:50 – so after
eating supper I find it is now after nine o’clock, and being a little weary shall not undertake
to write you a long letter although I should very much like to do so.

Well, my dear Ruthy, I found your very kind loving letter awaiting me. It is needless
to tell you what pleasure its contents gave me.

I owe you an apology for not promptly filling your order delivered this P.M. by Bob,
and for which you so kindly paid doubly for in advance. Had I read your note before Bob
left, I would at least have sent you what you asked for, but in larger quantities for Ruth, I
could not, in fairness to you, accept twice as many kisses from you for a very inferior
quality from me. “Business is business.” However, Ruth, if not too late, I send you now
dozens and dozens of kisses, not “Iron Clad” ones, but the tenderest and sweetest of
kisses, of which, for my Ruth, I shall always have an abundant store.  

I am feeling quite well tonight Ruth, ate at least two square meals, and if fortunate
enough to avoid a chill tomorrow, hope to be in good spirits tomorrow evening. I could not
see a doctor today, not having time, and not knowing what doctor to go to. I think I shall
avoid Summit quacks and go to our old Jersey City man, Dr. Adams, a physician of brains
and long experience.

Ruth, tomorrow is the 28th, your birthday, and I want to see you, but without being
out in the night. I cannot give you any great gift, as I should like to, and will in the future,
but I do not want the day to pass as only an ordinary one.

I will bring up the butter kettles your Mother wants tomorrow, and if possible come
out on the train that reaches West Summit at 6:48, and that will bring me to your home at
about 7:10. Do not send any body to meet me, Ruth, for this arrangement is subject to
various reverses. I might not go down, or I might be detained by business. The chances
are about equal for and against the success of this project. I want to see you too, to talk
about personal matters, having heard of another position today in the Bowery Bank. I told
Bob about it so he may have said something to you about the matter. I am to see Mr.
Kurau (pronounce Curo) tomorrow if I possibly can.

O Ruth, I want to see you for a thousand different reasons, most of all to help you
celebrate the 28th.

It is ten o’clock now and the light is going out so I will say good night to my darling.
Ruth, I wish I could tell you all I love you, but I cannot. Each time I am with you I find
new traits of character to love and admire and you become more and more to me. I
shouldn’t embarrass you with this praise, I know, but some how I cannot refrain. My heart
is so full of such thoughts.

I will go out now for some water, and will also try to find some honeysuckle to send
you with kisses.

It does me good to know you are so well, and it will be my earnest effort to reach the
same pinnacle of good health myself, before trying to do anything else.

Pardon the deficiencies of this letter and accept my fullest love.

Ever yours

Wm. A Gray

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