I Cannot Tell You Anything About My Love for You, But What You Know by Heart

05 May

1899 Will

22 Cliff St, NY
July 22, 1897

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

Dearest Ruth:

The inventory is finished and I am glad to tell you I won’t have to work tonight.

Three nights have been occupied with it and that is enough for one week, although I do not
feel any the worse for it except that my drowsiness just now will interfere with my writing
you a very interesting letter.

Monday night I just missed the last train (12:00) and had to remain in NY.
Tuesday and Wednesday, I just got up and left so as to catch the 10:45, bringing me to N.
P. at 12:05, which I thought was late enough.

Last night, I was so sleepy I couldn’t walk straight, and when I got home, didn’t
loose any time in getting into bed. Thinking of you then, I wondered if you hadn’t written, or
at least I seemed to feel that you had and getting up, went downstairs and found your
letter. I was all awake then, Ruth, and I cannot tell you what pleasure the reading of it
caused me. 

This is bad weather for wheeling and I’m afraid you haven’t had much opportunity to
extend your knowledge of the bike. You are making great progress if you rode down
Schirdermann’s Hill and now you are ready for the still greater feat of riding up
Schirdermann’s Hill. When you have accomplished this, will be ready for our much thought
of tours.

I am glad your love for children is so extensively indulged. It is certainly pleasant to
have them around and must make every day very entertaining. I have the same weakness,
Ruth, but if I were in your place, I’m afraid I would be engaged more than any serious

There are people at either side of me and people behind me, and all apparently
working, so I suppose I’d better get at it once more myself.

However finely trained you’ll be Ruth, I’ll be ready for you Saturday, Dear. Anything
from 1 mile to 100 on wheels, croquet, walking, boating, or assisting you in whatever you
might have to do. All or any will be equally pleasant to me.

I will say goodbye to you, Ruth, Love, until the 24th. I don’t expect to have much to
do on that date and may put in an early appearance at your home.

I trust you have been very well and that you are daily sharing the good things of this
life as bountifully as my love for you, Dear. As you said of yourself, “I cannot tell you
anything about my love for you, but what you know by heart,” so will let what has been said
do for this time at least, although I have no objection to writing this familiar sentiment and
cannot promise to spare you in the future of having to read it.

I am very well Ruth, and happy for having been blessed with the love of a truly great
and noble girl, as you.

I am

most affectionately yours

Wm. A Gray

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