Working Late

04 May

22 Cliff St, NY
July 14, 1897

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

Dearest Ruth:

While I have a few moments before the rush begins, I am going to indulge in the
very unusual pastime of addressing a few morning lines to you.

Well Ruth, Dear, how do you do on this beautiful clear comfortable summer
morning? The country has gotten what it needs in the shape of rain and in good generous
quantities too. You will doubtless find much to admire and in the sweet freshness of all
nature outdoor today, when I’m sure even chicken feeding (which is sometimes tiresome)
will become a pleasure. It makes me feel like quitting work here and going out to work and
play with you. I have a weakness for picnic times, Ruth, the indulgence of which is as
strong today as any bad habit in others. 

Well, the inventory has arrived from the factory which means work for the remaining
nights of this week with, I am told the possible exception of Saturday. So Ruth, this will be
another week of separation for us, but it will not seem so long, being half gone already,
with the remainder so occupied as to make it, too, pass quickly.

Do not worry about my working late, Ruth. I am perfectly well and will enjoy it rather
than anything else.

Be good to yourself Ruth, find time to practice some more on your wheel, and we
shall have a great time Saturday, if all goes well.

I must stop now as I have about 75 letters to write.

With ever increasing love,

I am your


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