One Day Nearer

30 Apr
Ruth's sister, Bessie.

Ruth’s sister, Bessie.

Summit, NJ
June 9, 1897

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

Dearest Ruth:

Here it is, Wednesday night, the one upon which I hoped to see you, but this
miserable weather having asserted itself, I shall have to be content with writing.

If I were only in possession of Aladdin’s Lamp, I would immediately have the genie
transfer me to your presence, but none of our lamps which I have tried respond to the
mystic touch, so once more I shall have to be satisfied with my lot, as it is.

Well, how do you do on this beaut – miserable June night? Are you quite well? My
only wishes are that you are and that the weather of the past few days has not
permitted you to take cold.

Now that I have started, I don’t know of anything to write about. So far as personal
affairs go, each day is a repetition of the previous one, and not a new thing happens.

Monday and Tuesday, I was asleep before 9:30 P.M. and am at present very well indeed.
Joe’s time in this latitude is now very short, isn’t it? I should have taken the
opportunity Sunday evening of saying goodbye, but of course didn’t expect all this mean
weather would come to prevent my seeing him again. However, Ruth, I am going to say
goodbye, for if Joe goes as Dave has arranged I shall wait in Hoboken tomorrow evening and see him off.

David tells me that Bessie is not well. I sincerely hope nothing serious is the matter
and that she will be well when this reaches you. It seems to me if either you or Bessie is
ever unwell, the cause is the same; too much work. Dearest Ruth, good health is to be
prized above everything else so do be good to yourself.

I didn’t see you at the wedding today, primarily because I wasn’t there and I don’t
suppose you were either. Ed was our only representative, he having strayed in after
returning from New York. He said there was no conspicuous features, except perhaps, the
“I wills” of the bride and groom. After the ceremony, the main doors were locked, while the
married pair escaped through a side entrance.

Ruth, dear, if I could only be with you tonight even ever so short a time just so that I
could get one look into those generous blue eyes I so love. How much better equipped I
would be for following my solitary way for the rest of the week. But, Ruth, as it is, I am far
from unhappy. God has been very good to me, very much better than I deserve. I could
enumerate a long list of blessings and I am going to try and be thankful for them, instead of
thinking of the few that are temporarily withheld. 

Ruth, dear, when you pray for me, won’t you ask that I may have more faith,
courage and patience. I am lacking in all these three and I know if you will, I shall receive
them as I need.

I’m afraid in dragging you into deep water, Ruth, so had best stop here.

You are doubtless having lots of fun with the little people this week. Helen is
certainly a very bright little girl, while Graham makes it up in cuteness.

Well, Ruth, I wish I had the ability of writing you a nice letter, instead of this
disjointed attempt. I am thinking too much of you, dear, to have any clear ideas of anything
else, just now.

Saturday afternoon I shall spend with you Love, and I may see you before. I will be
very busy tomorrow and Friday and perhaps Saturday, but I will try hard to get through
early on that day.

Good night my Ruth, I know God will not permit any harm ever to befall my Ruth,
one of his fairest children. And with this thought I shall retire happy for the repose and that
it will bring the tomorrow I spend with you, one day nearer.

With deepest love, I am

Forever yours,

Wm A Gray

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