This Has Been Another Glorious Day

29 Apr
Ruth's brother, Joe

Ruth’s brother, Joe

22 Cliff St, NY
May 19, 1897

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My Dear Ruth:

I have been thinking that, however sincere my motive may have been, it wasn’t very
generous of me to ask you to go to Summit Friday night, when you will be hindered by so
many things. As you said yesterday, the horses will probably have worked all day and for
that matter, so will you, and perhaps it would be better, being Friday, for you to get a good
nights sleep, so we can have lots of energy stored up for our fun on Saturday. Then again,
Joe being home, and your grandmother visiting you, perhaps the trouble and fuss of
hitching up would create a disturbance you would rather avoid. All these things didn’t
occur to me last night and if they did to you, I know you would rather bridge them over than
place any discouragement on my suggestion. 

In regards to the entertainment itself, I shall not be disappointed, for I consider that
in the lives before us we shall have lots of time and opportunity to attend such affairs
under easier circumstances.

This has been another glorious day and I could not help wishing that I could be out
following you around in your various outdoor pursuits. How are your turkeys? Isn’t it nearly
time for them to enter upon their very destined careers?

I would like to write you lots just now Ruth, but it is after 5 o’clock and I shall soon
have to start homeward.

With best wishes that you are just as well as when I left you last night and that you
will always be so.

I am always yours


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