May is the Month of the Apple Blossoms

26 Apr

Letter News Clipping

Summit, NJ
May 3, 1897

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My Dear Ruth:
While it is a little contrary to the order of your note, I know you will not object to my
writing you and entering into your proposition for tomorrow night, too.

Our horse and vehicle will be utilized by the family tomorrow evening and while I
gladly would have secured a rig in Summit for the occasion, yours is in every way a more
agreeable plan, besides making it possible for us to be at the show in good time.

So, my dear Ruth, if it is according to your good pleasure, instead of my meeting
you, you will call for me at 7:00 P.M. Tuesday, as proposed. I am sorry that you shall be
caused any trouble or inconvenience at all in the matter, and it is not my disposition
towards you Ruth, if you should be, but this time there seems to be no avoidance of it and
what I cannot do to help, I shall make up in appreciation of your kindness.  

As to the hat question: I am not decided which I like best on you. The straw hat of
the look or the Tam Shaniter of the clothes – horse and both of the kitchen. Perhaps you
had better wait and see what the weather is and then wear the one best suited for it. But a
new idea just struck me: Why not wear the straw hat and bring the other one for me. Talk
about “Romeo and Juliet,” they “won’t be in it” with us. (Excuse the slang.)

I think I mentioned the weather in the preceding paragraph but I didn’t mean to. It is
too disgusting to dwell upon. Of course with surroundings like yesterday’s, no weather
could be intolerable with me, but today it was quite different. I enclose a newspaper clipping
which seems to possess more of fact concerning this month than a great many things that have been and are being written about it.

I send you a kiss, good night and as it is bed time, perhaps I shall be dreaming of you, my Pet, before many minutes. With my love, and pleasant anticipation for tomorrow evening, I am ever yours.


Pardon this paper Ruth. This is the best
of its race. I have no other.


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