Hoping All Your Chicks Are Flourishing

25 Apr
Will's mother, Elizabeth (and Jim the dog).

Will’s mother, Elizabeth (and Jim the dog).

22 Cliff St, NY
April 28,1897

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

My Dearest Ruth:

Here it is Thursday morning and I haven’t written a word to my love; but it is not my
fault Dearest. Last night after reaching my room, I started a letter to you, but I was so
sleepy I had to give up before I was fully underway.

Your violet-clover perfumed kiss laden missive came to me yesterday morning and
brought with it too, that deeper pleasure I always have in following the tracing of your pen
through the dear home incidents which occurred since my last visit with you. My heart goes
out to you, Dear, with an ever increasing love and admiration for your sterling character.  

I sent Bob McClure’s a week ago today and Ethel the three previous copies of “Our
Times” yesterday and made arrangements for the other two to go to her as soon as issued.

Wrote a few lines to Mama yesterday morning so you see Dearest, I have complied with
your every wish and await with much pleasure your further commands.

Told Mama would be with her again next week as this will end night work and life
will be worth living once more.

I hope you have kept very well through all this bad weather, and that by Saturday a
May atmosphere will have arrived, permitting us to wander out of doors at will.

Will not write more, but will try to send you a nice letter tonight, if not too sleepy to

Hoping all your chicks are flourishing and that all are well, I am

As ever yours,


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