All My Thoughts Will Be Fixed on Saturday

23 Apr

Summit, NJ
April 8, 1897

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell, New Providence, NJ

My dear Ruth:

The rainy aspect of the weather is not the reason for my not being with you tonight,
but because I am not feeling well and would make miserable company. It is only a bilious
attack resulting from a disagreement between some of the things I ate at dinner time,
although I try to be careful and not eat anything of an indigestible nature. I have one of
those mean head aches which makes it laborious even to push a pen. I shall retire early,
and as is usual it will wear away in the night and I will be all right tomorrow morning. It
makes me feel worse to know that I should be prevented from seeing you after having
looked forward to the pleasure all day.

It is raining quite hard now, and it will perhaps get through and permit Saturday to
be clear and I shall be happy thinking of the promise that I will see you on that day. 

In order to make sure of finding your cousin in, I delayed my lunch hour thirty
minutes so as not to get through until after he had returned.

He asked to be remembered to all of you and said that Austin was doing nicely. He
is now in the peeling stage and the Doctor thinks that quarantine can be removed and
Austin can be about the house by the latter part of next week. Mrs Myrick received your
letter, but of course, under the circumstances, could not answer it.

I would like to write you a nice long letter tonight Ruth, but I must go to bed to loose
sight of this head ache.

I hope you are very well and taking your medicine like the good girl that you are,
although it does seem superfluous for you to be taking it.

Saturday, Pet; all my thoughts will now be fixed on that day, and I shall try to get
over as early as possible so we can have some day light for our walk.

I will now say good night Ruth, my own precious Darling, and shall now retire, first
asking God to watch over and take care of my Ruth always. I send you kisses dear, as
many as times I have written your name, having imprinted one upon each.

Think of me as wholly yours and if there is anything I can do for you kindly let me



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