Two Minds with but a Single Thought

22 Apr
Inside the Barrell house.

Inside the Barrell house.

Summit, NJ
April 7, 1897

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell, New Providence, NJ

Dearest Ruth:

In exact accordance with my expectations I found your letter awaiting me tonight. I
cannot explain to you just how it is, but it seems I always know in advance, through some
intuitive knowledge that you have written and that there is a letter awaiting me. Perhaps
you Ruth, can tell me why this is. Maybe it is explainable in the old expression, “Two minds
with but a single thought,” etc.

My mind is somewhat relieved on the subject of your cold, knowing that you are now
taking a remedy which I think will make you proof against such repeated attack. If your
cold is better, Ruth, please do not cease taking the emulsion regularly. I know it is
disagreeable stuff and am sorry it is so, but if it can bring about the desired result, you
won’t be sorry for having tolerated it, will you dear? Don’t think I am a crank on the cod
liver oil question, Ruth, for I am not, but I’d want to see you rid of that seemingly
indomitable cold. If my taking the medicine would only result in your welfare, I would
willingly take it if it were ten times worse than it is.  

This has been a very busy week for me thus far, Monday having been my busiest
day for a month and I think Monday night was the first time in a long while that I was really

It did not rain hard enough Monday evening to wet me and I found myself quite dry
when I reached home, owing to your umbrella’s protection.

I mailed you those last proofs to Summit yesterday and asked the photographer to
print nine of the full face and that of the profile, so that you, poor martyr, can have one of
each if you wish.

I am sorry Ruth, I cannot give you news of Austin. I called to see your cousin today
but failed to find him in and could I have taken the time I should have called at some other
than lunch hour, but did not find opportunity to do so. I will go to lunch a little before twelve
tomorrow so as to be sure to catch him and write you immediately upon returning, or what
will be more agreeable to me if I can possibly do so, be the personal bearer of the
intelligence, Thursday evening, for Ruth, I had no idea Monday evening of not seeing you
again until Saturday.

If all goes well I will be with you Thursday evening for a little while, and again on
Saturday. I cannot reach your home before 4:30 P M, at the earliest on Saturday, but if the
weather is nice we shall still have time for a pleasant little walk.

It is getting late, so I will bid you good night, Pet.

Take good care of yourself, for you know to please me you cannot be too good to
Ruth. I will see you, Dear, in less than 24 hours, and all that is lacking in this letter I shall
try to be then.

Once more Ruthy my Darling good night.

Ever your own


Pardon the way I used this paper Ruth. I did not mean to ape the “English,” my
starting on the wrong side having been purely accidental.



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